A Change to One Heart Ladies

Today marks the beginning of a brand new season for the Women of Tennessee! There has never been a more compelling time to join the Father in what He is doing. My heart as the new TN Ladies Director is to see women live in total freedom, to know who they are in Christ, and to fulfill their purpose in their generation. I am committed to serve alongside you to impact our Churches, Cities and our State for His glory. It is a privilege to follow the great women of God who have served in this role; what an honor to build upon the foundation they have laid before us. As with any ministry the identity lies within the name and becomes significant because it not only represents who we are but what we do. That being said, we are excited to reveal our new identity as the "Tennessee Womens Movement." Our mission is to create and perpetuate a MOVEMENT that will impact generations. I believe our time is NOW! I often refer to the phrase that has resonated in my spirit for years and I feel is timely as we move forward together; Why Not Us? Why Not Here? Why Not Now? Join me in celebrating the best days we have ever known as the "Tennessee Womens Movement" is birthed!

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